Cloak Of Altering Offer One Mind-Fuck Of A Track With” Cave Systems Of The Outer Moons”


I don’t even know where to begin with this. Yes, it’s awesome and bizarre, but it’s also not very accessible to the average metalhead, much less the world at large. Cloak of Altering targets a very specific, niche audience; an audience that appreciates and obsesses over black metal and industrial metal. What’s especially unique about this, aside from its avant-garde experimentation, is the incorporation of electro elements.

Cloak of Altering’s “Cave Systems of the Outer Moons” is definitely bizarre and definitely worth checking out, which you can over at How long you stay depends on how into it you are; I make no promises.


Cloak of Altering is one of the horrifying alter-egos of the notorious Dutch industrial black metal maniac, Mories, also of Gnaw Their Tongues, Seirom, Aderlating, Mors Sonat, De Magia Veterum, and others.

The track can be found on Manifestation, which can be pre-ordered here before its December 4th release.

Rock Hard \m/

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