Are The Gunners Doing A Reunion Tour?



At this point, it really depends on whose answer you listen to, but the rumor about a Guns N’ Roses is as strong as it’s ever been. Let’s hope they can all “reminisce old novelties” and make this work.

Motley Crue‘s Nikki Sixx posted to Twitter:

nikki sixx

If memory serves me correctly, Sixx is friends with Slash, and if Sixx got confirmation from Slash, who’s been more than opposed to a reunion through the years, then this is as next to an official statement as you’re gonna get. But, that’s a pretty big fuckin’ if.

Then again, Sixx might be talking out of his ass. Vicky Hamilton, former Crue management consultant and former G’N’R manager, posted the following to Facebook shortly after Sixx made his tweet:

vicky hamilton

So, what are others saying?

Through the years Duff McKagan has been fairly quiet about a G’N’R reunion, but he’s also seemed more amenable to the idea, going so far as to do a short stint with Guns in South America. From his camp, however, “confirmation” comes by way of a third party; Brandi Glanville, a friend of Duff’s wife, said in a video, “Guns N’ Roses is coming back motherfuckers!” So, if she heard it from Duff’s wife, Susan Holmes, then it might be the second best thing to an “official” statement. But, again, that’s a pretty big fuckin’ if.


Last October, Scott Weiland stated that he thought a G’N’R reunion was going to happen because Slash’s ex-wife was preventing a Velvet Revolver reunion.

gilby clarke

By contrast, ex-G’N’R guitarist, Gilby Clarke, said to Eddie Trunk that he didn’t think a reunion would happen. Then again, he didn’t even know that Slash and Axl were once again on speaking terms.

So, there’s a pretty solid recap with some people in the inner G’N’R circle, but as of yet nothing is confirmed. It is expected, however, that an official statement from G’N’R will be made in the coming days.

We’ll keep you posted.

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