IIVII Takes A Space Walk In “Black Galaxy” [VIDEO]

Hitting you like a ton of bricks with its cosmic intensity, IIVII‘s “Black Galaxy” perfectly conveys inspiration, dark ambiance, and the desire to perform. It’ll have you thinking of 2001: A Space Odyssey and, at times, maybe even Terminator, and, if you’ve seen it, Chariot’s Fire. Regardless of what comes to mind, the video is haunting and chilling.

Colony is the the debut full-length from IIVII, the enigmatic intergalactic solo project spearheaded by visual artist, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Josh Graham. Released late this past summer, with IIVII Graham expands upon his sonic body of work traversing new electronic territory that focuses on the subtle orchestration and manipulation of dense comic-styled atmospheres, rather than the bombastic approach found in his primary band, A Storm Of Light.

Order Colony here.

Rock Hard \m/

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