Georges St. Pierre Hayabusa Glory Glove Launch Workout [VIDEO]

There’s no official word yet if former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre will ever return inside the Octagon again, but at least we know for sure he is continuously training hard at the gym for a possibility in the future. As you’ll see in the video clip above, GSP is as healthy and in shape as in his last fight with Johnny Hendricks at UFC 167. Rumor is GSP isn’t coming back for the belt, but for that odd fight in the UFC that we all hope will happen in the not too distant future..

At a Q&A in Dublin on Friday for UFC Fight Night 76, long-time training partner and friend Rory MacDonald said,

From what we’ve talked about, he’s not coming back for the belt, he’s coming back for the odd fight that interests him. If…if he comes back.

While the gossip on GSP’s return continues to be talked about, fans of the former reigning champion can at least catch on him in the Hayabusa Glory glove launch workout video with Nieky Holzken that took place on Wednesday afternoon in Las Vegas.

Check it out!

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