QOTD: Vitor Belfort Says Conor McGregor Turning MMA Into Entertainment, Not Sport

Vitor Belfort

This is a legend fight Belfort vs. Henderson 3. We don’t need trash talk to sell tkts. I am wondering if one day MMA will be seen more like a sport and less than entertainment? It seems that we are going to the wrong way. A good example is Aldo (real athlete) and Mc Gregor (trash talker). To become an Olympic sport we have to apply the Olympic values not only the Olympic rules. Where is the RESPECT?!? I don’t want to see our kids thinking that to become a successful MMA athlete you have to talk crap instead of respecting others. Real martial arts is not about this!!! We need a good example starting from the organizations, fighters and extending to the media and fans. It is a free consulting!!! I have a voice!!!! – Vitor Belfort

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