Lab Rats Now Has A Trailer!


Earlier in the year, we brought you news of crowdfunding campaign for Lab Rats, a body horror with backing from Eli Roth and Emily Booth. Well, the campaign was a success and now there’s a trailer to show off, which you can check out in the player above.

If you don’t already know, Lab Rats is the new splat-tastic body horror from British collective Team Chameleon. Their last film, 6 Shooter, was about killer worms and was shot for a mere £70 and played at Frightfest and other festivals around the world.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Lab Rats has a lot more money under its belt to give you melting body parts, oozing pustules, and all manners of gooey practical effects.

Lab Rats Synopsis:
Lab Rats follows Kat and her eco-warrior friends as they embark on a mission to expose bio-chemistry company Ring-Amnion as liars, following a tip-off that they ran an animal testing lab. Despite their public profile claiming otherwise, it soon becomes clear that Ring-Amnion are willing to test on more than just animals.

Rock Hard \m/

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