Grave Pleasures’ “New Hip Moon” Is Hauntingly Perfect

This is simply remarkable! What an amazing sound and song. It’s definitely not metal, but it has a dark vibe that approaches goth rock, plus it has a post-punk indie feel that’s just incredible. It’s catchy without being cliche, it rocks with a sense of urgency, and while there are hallmarks of inspiration, it’s inspiring and original in its own rite.

The track is “New Hip Moon,” and the band is Grave Pleasures, which formed from the debris of Beastmilk and is comprised of singer/songwriter Mat McNerney (also of Hexvessel), bassist Valtteri Arino, guitarist/songwriter Linnéa Olsson (The Oath, Sonic Ritual), drummer Uno Bruniusson (In Solitude, Procession), as well as live and studio session guitarist Juho Vanhanen (Oranssi Pazuzu). Check it out in the player above.

Matt McNemey comments:

I am concerned with a total collapse of our dreams. Hacking out this feverish, frantic, and very uninhibited music, it exposes and lays raw some intense emotions. As we get deeper and closer to capturing the spirit of what we set out for this band to be, we are touching some vital nerves. It’s getting under the skin, under the flesh.

“New Hip Moon” can be found on Dreamcrash (Metal Blade Records) and can be ordered here. I myself am looking forward to hearing more from Grave Pleasures.

Rock Hard \m/

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