Dozing Passenger Terrified by Chainsaw Prank [VIDEO]

Got a friend who has been annoying the hell out of you these days? Want to teach him a quick lesson? Then I suggest you grab a chainsaw (one that starts instantly) like the dude in this prank, remove the chain, and press it up against your friends neck. I promise he will never fuck around again. In fact, you might never see him again. At least the problem is now resolved.

Next step is to find a good friend. So, enjoy this clip!

Full Story Of Prank

Tom and his friend Marius were travelling from the Norwegian city of Steinkjer on July 19, with their final destination being Sweden, according to Dagbladet. On the way, they stopped at the roadside for a rest, but Tom had a prank in mind for his unfortunate friend. As Marius dozed, Tom powered up his chainsaw and pressed it against his friend’s neck, terrifying Marius out of his slumber. Luckily, there was no blade in the chainsaw!

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