False Flag Might Just Be The Future Of Heavy Metal


Calgary’s heavy metal crew, False Flag, will blow you away. Evidenced on their forthcoming EP, Nest of Vipers (August 4th), this band plays a brand of groove metal that combines elements of thrash metal, death metal, NWOBHM, and tech death, but as varied and precise their sound is they never come off as “trying too hard” or pretentious. While only the fourth and final track of the EP is available to stream at the moment, “Nest of Vipers” displays the love these guys have for such bands as Lamb of God, Pantera, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Fear Factory, and more, while presenting it all with originality. This is definitely a heavy metal giant in the making and you should keep your eyes on them.

About False Flag:

Formed in 2012, as a side project for Russ Gauthier (Lordosis, Meggido, and We Found The Body) and Nick Purdy (Meggido), False Flag soon recruited Garrett McElroy (AfterEarth) on bass and recorded their first EP (Orobas) at Garrett’s apartment studio. Prior to performing at Calgary Metalfest and Vernstock, the band recruited Dan Ishak (Meggido, Stinger) on bass as Garrett’s band Afterearth was picking up steam. In January 2014, False Flag started recording the full length album Suffer in Silence. Finally, guitarist Mike Harach (Meggido, Stinger) was added and solidified the bands thick live sound. John Byskal (We Found The Body) joined the band (replacing Nick Purdy) in February 2015, and their lineup was settled.

Look for False Flag live dates in Alberta/Saskatchewan this July 2015.

false flag - nest of vipers - ep cover

Nest of Vipers Track Listing:

“Sacrifice Of Solitude”
“Reversion Of Sin”
“Nest Of Vipers”

Rock Hard \m/

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