Interview: Justin Price Of Dark Moon Rising

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Do you have a favorite kill in the movie?
My favorite kill is more of an ensemble death. In Blakely, Georgia, out at the covered bridge on set it was at least 20 below 0-degrees Fahrenheit and freezing. The wolf-pack members had to all come out dressed in close to nothing and the majority of the money went into keeping actors warm. Stuntmen had pulleys and pick points set up that eventually froze over because it was so cold so everything went to manual pulling. So 10 guys were pulling people by hand up into spider webs and trees all for a scene that lasted about 1 minute and 30 seconds in the film. Lisa May, who plays Feighn, takes guts off of a guy laying on the ground basically asleep from hypothermia and she flies up with grace. That moment I will remember forever.

dark moon rising - poster

Who did the music in the movie?
Breaking Through provided us with original music from their band and their lead man, Andrew A. Jones, wanted to see something made by people as passionate as him. We couldn’t be more grateful to him. His father, Scott Jones, passed away recently and as a production and crew of family we were saddened by the news but joyful that his love and joy will live through Andrew and everyone he touched. We are blessed to have been able to see the man he raised help us tell our story through his talents and his kindness, and for that we wanted to say thank you Breaking Through, and rest in peace Scott Jones. Also RIP to Tong Khu whose contributions went beyond his love for film and his talents, you are missed everyday!

If you were a werewolf, what’s the first thing you’d do?
Rent Dark Moon Rising August 4, 2015! And then afterwards probably try and find love. I think it’s in every species’ nature to look for the love of its life. Maybe start a YouTube channel and showcase my powers in hopes that I get a million hits and then start a wolf phenomenon and play basketball for my local high school. I haven’t given it much thought really, but great question! Thank you for your time and support of indie films, and August 4, 2015, rent the film… bootleg it after we make all three so that way we can tell the entire story!

Love you Faye Price! Price family!

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