Amnesia Rockfest 2015 – Interview With The Real McKenzies’ Troy Zak

This was a tough interview to start the day at Amnesia Rockfest 2015. He’s not unfriendly, he’s actually quite awesome, but The Real McKenzies bass player Troy Zak has a very dry, straight-faced, and sometimes difficult to read type of humor… but that’s punk rock. He did, however, welcome the opportunity to Moonwalk for us (you can see his slick moves above), and he reveled in the glory of his story about when his bandmate, Mario Nieva, tore off the underwear from below a fan’s kilt and made him wear it on his head.

Other than that, we talked about Rockfest, cock cheese, the reception of recently released tracks from Rats in the Burlap and what’s been fan favorites so far, and the variation of punk that they play. As well, we were curious to know whom The Real McKenzies would like to collaborate with and whom Troy thinks is the nicest band they’ve toured with. We also chatted about Nova Scotia and local/tourist hotspot, The Lower Deck, but that didn’t really go anywhere so we cut it from the video interview above.

If you want to know what’s ahead for The Real McKenzies in the second half of 2015, pay attention to the video. And remember, when you see The Real McKenzies live, your top priority is to have fun!

Rock Hard \m/

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