George A. Romero Working On Empire Of The Dead TV Series

George A. Romero

In George A. Romero’s Empire of the Dead comic book series there are two types of ancient predators that plague New York City, the flesh eaters and blood thirsty vampires. It’s a deadly combination that worked extremely well as a limited comic series under the Marvel banner, but can it work as a TV series? Fuck yes! It can definitely work, and the only person in this world who can pull off a proper TV adaptation is the creator.

Zombie godfather George A. Romero is going to make it happen folks and he is going to unleash his next undead epic – as an all-new TV series, according to Variety. Besides co-writing the Empire of the Dead TV show, Romero will also pen a TV series with longtime producing collaborator Peter Grunwald. It appears like both gentlemen are currently working on it, along with Sam Englebardt and William D. Johnson at Demarest.

The final comic book issue of Empire of the Dead is expected to drop in October, but diehard fans of it can now look forward to the god damn TV series. Zombies and vampires will reunite once again!

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