Coal Chamber Douse Nuns With Blood In The “I.O.U. Nothing” Video

I was never a fan of Coal Chamber and probably still wouldn’t be had I not discovered DevilDriver, and thus Dez Fafara. This time around it sounds like Dez is bringing with him elements of DevilDriver into the Coal Chamber soundscape, and it sounds pretty damn awesome. The hooks, effects, melodies, and overall pit melodies contained within the new track, “I.O.U. Nothing,” are sure to get a crowd in a frenzy, maybe even you as you sit in front of your computer.

The video for “I.O.U. Nothing” dropped yesterday, and in it they put two nuns head to head, have them scream at each other, then douse them in blood. See kids, this is how you make a video on the cheap without resorting to the boring performance video. Unless you’re a musician of legendary stature, no one wants to see you play outside of a concert venue.

About the song, Dez said:

’I.O.U. Nothing’ is about being able to sleep well at night, knowing you owe no one anything in life except yourself and your family. It’s like we’re climbing towards the sun, falling over everything, falling over every one, just kick the planets aside, come with me the universe will provide! To sum up the first line, it’s basically saying, in life go at it your hardest, step over obstacles, do your best—and if you do, the universe will give its rewards and do it without owing anyone anything!

“I.O.U. Nothing” comes off of Coal Chamber’s upcoming album, Rivals, which will be released on May 19th. Pre-orders for Rivals in special bundles packages including a CD/DVD, LP (limited to 1,000 purple LPs), T-shirt, beanie, and wristbands are available here.

Rock Hard \m/

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