Chad L. Coleman From The Walking Dead Goes Completely Ape Shit In NYC [VIDEO]

Hoax or not, Dennis Quaid made headlines two weeks ago for a meltdown during the shooting of an unknown project, which was entirely captured on hidden camera and it immediately went viral online. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the Christian Bale incident a few years ago, but ranks fairly high for Hollywood outbursts. Now, it appears Chad L. Coleman from The Walking Dead and The Wire is joining the top outburst rankings for an incident that just surfaced online of him completely going ape shit on a NYC subway train.

There’s no official word on when exactly this went down, but according to sources, the American actor turned into a fireball after overhearing a conversation about him on the subway train. A guy and a girl were trying to figure out who he was and the guy said to the girl, “No, we don’t know that n*****.”

That set Coleman completely off and you can watch his frustration in the video clip above.

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