Poltergeist Preview With Gil Kenan And Sam Raimi

So, in the new Poltergeist preview in the player above, Sam Raimi says that “this was a chance to reintroduce the story and make it accessible to the modern audience.” That’s fine, but if “make it accessible to the modern audience” is limited to flat-screen TVs and smartphones (as shown in the preview), and possible a laptop or two, then I’m sorry, a retelling of Tobe Hooper’s 1982 classic wasn’t necessary. Other than including modern conveniences in a remake, I don’t know what “making it accessible” means. The original flick is just fine.

That being said, and in the same contradictory breath, what we’ve seen in the trailer and in this preview looks absolutely stunning. Well, all except for the much less masculine father figure (Sam Rockwell) when compared to Craig T. Nelson’s father role.

God, I really don’t mean to be so negative toward this movie, but I just can’t justify the remake of such a flawless movie as the first one was.

The remake’s director, Gil Kenan, is also in the preview, and both he and Raimi discuss the new Poltergeist as we approach its May 22nd release.

What do you think? Are you going to go see Poltergeist?

Rock Hard \m/

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