Watch Larissa Schroeder Destroy Male Opponent In A Real MMA Fight [VIDEO]

When the UFC opened the door to women in 2012, it was a huge deal for the sport of MMA. Ever since, many fans and fighters have wondered how well a female fighter would do in a real cage fight against a male opponent. There has been many speculations over the years that Ronda Rousey would dominate a man inside the Octagon, but we will never really know for sure because it’s a fight that will most likely never happen in the UFC.

But what if another female fighter stepped up to the plate to face a man inside the cage like Larissa Schroeder? Would it give fans a definitive answer to that questions? Probably not, but at least it gives us an idea and it will shut people up for a little while.

In the video clip above, watch Schroeder destroy her male opponent in 53 seconds of the first round at Evolution SF Fight on March 28, 2015.

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