Now And On Earth – Blacked Out (2015) Album Review



Artist Now and on Earth Album Blacked Out Release Date: 14 April 2015
Label Epitaph Records Genre Post Hardcore

Blacked Out is the debut apocalyptic record from Now and on Earth, a six-member band from Quebec. A dark and derailed story exists between the vicious tones and frantic nature of every song. On this LP there is no breathing, it is constant Gothic-tinged songs with destructive qualities. It’s themed about the end of the world and that is where this band seems to pull off their most esteemed work.

One thing that helps make these songs so dark is the use of a classical pianist on the synths/keyboards. This allows for some darker layers to be blended together, like on the opening riff for “Intoxicated.” The bridge of “All Direction” features an ominous synth section that sounds like the world is collapsing while the staccato structured string section of “All on You” witnesses the destruction happening. Never are the keyboard layers overdone, instead adding to each song, sometimes being distant and not as prominent, like on “Catch You When You Fall,” where they come in at the end to give a natural and dark conclusion to an almost ballad-like song.

Now And On Earth are post-hardcore bred, with frantic pacing that’s matched with a good use of two vocalists. Most groups have the extremely high-pitched girl-sounding clean singer, but Anthony Alain-Rossi (also playing bass) has a raspy and urgent approach to the microphone. “Majesty” is an early track on the album where he cries out, “Without a doubt I am a broken mirror of you.” “Blacked Out” showcases a catchy chorus section, creating a contrast between the harsh vocals by Mark-Andre Fillion. Where the two shine together is the more melodic “All On You,” which opens with soft pianos before blowing up with sincere vocals from the both of them.

Blacked Out, besides “Interlude” and the opening of “All On You,” seemingly never slows down. Intertwined within the songs are breakdowns, dark guitars with haunting melodies, and even an occasional shred worthy solo. The drums hold everything together but at times show off with a tricky pattern, like the chorus of “No Way Out,” which really showcases how tight the band plays together, blasting through groove after groove with ease.

Every single one of these songs has a reason to be remembered. Whether it is the groove-leading “Vicious Circles” to the end or the eerie piano hits that help witness the demolition of the world on “Your Number Is Up,” every song has a part that makes it stand out. The goth and darker atmosphere is embraced to the extreme, not feeling cheesy or overused.

The Verdict:

For a debut, Blacked Out is miles beyond what people might expect. Now And On Earth showcase 12 solid tracks with 44 minutes of enjoyability. See to it you grab your own copy of the apocalypse on April 14th, via Epitaph Records.

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