The Walking Dead, Season 5 – “Try”

the walking dead season 5 - rick and pete on street

the walking dead season 5 - rick and pete on street

In case you missed the foreshadowing that Aaron provided when he said to Daryl that there seems to be a lot more zombies around lately, and if you missed Sasha’s killing spree or the already gathering numbers outside the fence, then we’re here to tell you that there’s probably a horde heading toward Alexandria. If this is, in fact, the case, it will be disappointed for the Season Finale since that’s kind of how Seasons 2 and 3 ended.

However, the influx of Walkers will likely serve as a major proving ground for Rick’s group. Is there a better way for our tribe to prove their worthiness and their need than to have them totally obliterate a swarm of Walkers, saving the residents of Alexandria in the process?

But that’s getting ahead of things.

The domestic violence issues continued this week, and at one point I was thinking that the show was getting away from itself, feeling more like a special dramatic episode of a popular sitcom. However, I also realized that the catalyst had to be developed. There had to be a reason for the almost redundant focus on the issue.

Of course, that reason had less to do with Carol’s past and current desires for vigilante justice, and more to do with Rick, his growing feelings for Jessie, the blowout with Pete, and Rick’s mad ramblings before Michonne coldcocked him.

the walking dead season 5 - rick and pete crash out a window

But were Rick’s ramblings mad? Not really. He had some solid points about life in the new world and how decisions need to be made. Maybe his most profound comment was that they “don’t get it.” However, he was bloodied and waving a gun around and essentially proposing something akin to a dictatorship.

Although it was surprising that Michonne was the one to knock Rick out, it was needed as the hole he was digging was getting deeper by the second. But Rick didn’t start that hole, he just brought a bigger shovel.

the walking dead season 5 - rick and deabba

Troubles started last week, not the least of which by Gabriel. This week Nicholas perpetuated the problems with his version of what happened to Aiden and between him and Glen. Glen, however, wasn’t given the chance to tell his story for Deanna’s video camera. So, Deanna has this picture of Glen distracting Aiden, of Glen and Noah wanting to abandon Aiden with Nicholas trying to save him, and Glen and Noah attempting to save themselves at the expense of Nicholas. But Deanna, who knows more things than Nicholas realizes (as she so proudly told him so), knows about Pete and Jessie’s situation and probably about how Aiden ran things. She also likely knows that her people turn their backs on one another, and I’m still hoping that she’s looking to change the status quo with Rick’s help.

So, that basically sets up the internal conflict at Alexandria. The other part is what’s going on outside the walls of Alexandria.

the walking dead season 5 - daryl killing walker

This week we saw the return of the “W” Walkers, which are Walkers with the letter “W” carved into their foreheads. We’re still in the dark about what this means. Also, Daryl and Aaron, while out “recruiting,” realized that there were more Walkers about than normally. The two also found chopped up bodies, a woman who’d been tied to a tree and left for the Walkers, and evidence of people.

Do we have a Pied Piper leading a small army of Walkers to Alexandria? Do we have an exiled Alexandrian looking for revenge? Is it Morgan? Is it someone or people from Woodbury? That last one is a stretch, but it might explain the “W.”

the walking dead season 5 - carl and enid in a tree

Odds and Ends:

-What do you make of Carl and Enid’s budding romance? And how about their shitty hiding place from the Walkers?
-What do you think the “W” actually means?
-Do you think the red balloon is an omen of something to come?

Rock Hard \m/

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