The Walking Dead, Season 5 – “Spend”

the walking dead - season 5 - noah getting eaten 2

the walking dead - season 5 - noah getting eaten 2

The Walking Dead has been building to this episode since Aaron’s introduction, but we’re not there yet as “Spend” is the set-up episode. Unless the showrunners jump the gun next week to give us a full-scale battle instead of heightening tension between the two factions in Alexandria, we should expect an all-out civil war in the Season Final. However, we will need something else besides this war to reel us in for Season 6, otherwise this season will be just a variation of the Woodbury and prison seasons.

the walking dead - season 5 - ford saves girl

“Spend” wasn’t necessarily characterized as fast, action-packed episode, although it saw it’s share of action (the run to the warehouse ending in a revolving door and Ford’s mission) and a surprising amount of gore, enough gore, actually, to shock the average horror-on-TV viewer. With the such an emphasis on gore, you know, faces being ripped off and such, you might have suspected that special FX maestro Greg Nicotero directed the episode, but no, it was the fabulous Jennifer Lynch!

the walking dead - season 5 - noah getting eaten

Along with the action and gore, “Spend” gave us the reveal about Alexandria we’ve been waiting for; they leave their own behind when in peril! I guess that falls in line with the “survival of the fittest” philosophy, but it has nothing to do with Rick’s group whose members will sacrifice their own existence to save someone. And that’s precisely what Deanna will hopefully see, with the help of Aaron, after what Gabriel’s two-faced snitching ass told her in confidence.

the walking dead - season 5 - drunk pete

Oh, haven’t I gotten to that useless sack yet? Yup, Gabriel, who turned his cowardly back on his own flock to save himself and who owes his life to Rick and the tribe, on several occasions, has ratted out Rick and the others as “bad,” saying that Deanna shouldn’t have let them inside Alexandria because they’ve done bad things. Now, Maggie overheard this whole conversation, and it’s a safe bet that she’ll go telling Rick, which should give him ample time to prepare. But will Maggie tell him before he and Carol take action against Pete?

the walking dead - season 5 - gabriel

So far Deanna seems to be on Rick’s side, citing that he’d been honest with her in his video interview. However, her opinion might change once Glen returns with the news that her son, Aiden, is dead, and when Rick and Carol go vigilante-justice on Pete for abusing his wife, Jessie, and son, Sam. Somehow, I suspect that while the citizens of Alexandria will want answers or Rick and the others to be exiled (at the very least), Deanna will side with Rick. She’s already given just about every position of power over to Rick’s group, and I believe she’s wise enough to know that they are good people… bad shit just happens in this world.

the walking dead - season 5 - aiden failed rescue

Nonetheless, everything is poised to erupt, and as Rick said, “We’ll make it work, and if they can’t, we’ll take it.”

What do you make of all this? How are you liking the lead-up to the Season Finale?

Some last points:

-RIP, Noah.
-Get well soon, Tara.
-Congratulations, Eugene, for finally manning up and killing something!

the walking dead - season 5 - eugene

Rock Hard \m/

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