Lab Rats – Body Horror That’s Not For The Squimish!

Team Chameleon is at it again with the production of another spine-shivering body horror, Lab Rats. None other than the legendary Eli Roth has Tweeted about Team Chameleon, insisting that Lab Rats looked great with its revolting mutations, oozing, melting faces, and bodies literally exploding. So, the team is reaching out via Kickstarter to make this thing as creepy as possible. They’re well on their way, but they’re still short of their goal and there are only eight days left.

To get a feel for what Roth was talking about, have a look at the melting FX test in the video player above. If that doesn’t intrigue you, then there’s probably something wrong with you! Team Chameleon’s goal with Lab Rats, however, is to create a true splatter-fest utilizing practical effects as much as possible but using VFX to push the effects and make the impossible possible.

Lab Rats Synopsis:

Lab Rats follows Kat and her eco-warrior friends who embark on a mission to expose the international bio-chemistry company, Ring-Amnion, as liars after a tip-off that they ran an animal testing lab – despite their public profile claiming otherwise. The gang, and Kat’s 20,000 online followers, are eager to find out what Ring-Amnion have been hiding as they break into an old building, but they aren’t prepared for what they find inside… It soon becomes apparent that Ring Amnion do indeed test on the living and not just animals.

Team Chameleon’s last project, 6 Shooter, was made with a paltry £70, and it has since premiered at Frightfest, aired on the horror channel, and is currently available on iTunes as part of the Shortcuts to Hell anthology. You can also watch it just below. If that’s what they can do with £70, imagine what they can do with a bigger budget! The team will be using the same SFX and VFX team for Lab Rats.

6 Shooter – Short Horror Film from David Wayman Visuals on Vimeo.

If you want to help this project, head on over to their Kickstarter page.

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