Kill-Crazy Nymphos Attack! – A Twisted Project That Needs Your Help

kill-crazy nymphos attack

kill-crazy nymphos attack

Are you looking for something new and that’s full of hyper-sexualized situations and gratuitous violence? Something that promises to make a harsh and unforgiving commentary on society? Something that feminists who don’t get it might hate? Something akin to grindhouse? Something that’s inspired, but wholly original? Well, unless you make a contribution to the Kill-Crazy Nymphos Attack! Kickstarter campaign, you might have to wait a little longer.

But why should you contribute if you don’t even know what the hell it is?

First, it’s a graphic novel with the intention of being turned into a feature film. Next, Daniel Way is the co-creator of this smut-tastic project. He’s the man who has contributed to such legendary works as Marvel’s Deadpool and Wolverine, as well as Ghost Rider, The Incredible Hulk, and Astonishing X-Men. Way has been working as a professional comic book and videogame writer since 2000, when he self-published his first comic, the Xeric award-winning Violent Lifestyle. He’s also a lifelong fan of horror and exploitation films.

Way’s involvement would be good enough if it ended there, but it doesn’t! The Soska Sisters are also co-creators, which makes perfect sense because they are, among other things, huge Deadpool fans and massively talented filmmakers. Jen and Sylvia Soska, if you’ll remember, are the mad masterminds behind such cult favorites as Dead Hooker in a Trunk and American Mary.

Finally, here’s the synopsis of the perverted story:
The story centers upon Purvis Gunt, a malcontent and pervert who works at a pharmaceutical lab. Purvis is obsessed with having rampant, porno-style sex with nearly every woman he sees but it’s never gonna happen for him because, in addition to the fact that he’s married, he’s revolting in every possible way. So he turns to science for a way to cheat the situation, using the resources of the pharmaceutical lab to create something that will cause women to lose any and all inhibition or restraint and fill them with uncontrollable lust. Purvis, however, is a terrible scientist. What he cooks up is a virus that fills women with not only a lust for sex…but for blood!

When the virus gets out and infects the female population of the small town where Purvis lives, carnage ensues and it’s up to Purvis, disgraced priest Father Osorio and super macho but sexually ambiguous SWAT officer Mack Diesel to contain the situation before woman-hating US President Pole drops a nuke on the whole goddamn mess!

Now, get your ass over to their Kickstarter page, watch the hilarious promo video, check out the perks, and make your contribution.

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