Stone Sour Releases “The Dark” Video From Fear Clinic

Well, Yellers. If you’ve been following our coverage of the Robert G. Hall (Lightning Bug, Laid to Rest, ChromeSkull: Laid To Rest II) directed film, Fear Clinic, then you know that we’ve also been excited by the fact that the movie also stars Slipknot‘s very own Corey Taylor. And if you’re a Taylor fan, then you’re probably aware that he is also in Stone Sour.

So, what happens when you put a heavy metal icon in a horror movie? Hopefully you get a kick-ass song for your score and soundtrack — and that’s just what has happened here.

Coinciding with the DVD, Blu-ray, and On Demand release of Fear Clinic tomorrow, February 10th, from Anchor Bay Entertainment, is the release of the new Stone Sour video for the track “The Dark,” which appears in the movie. Check out the video in the player above. Naturally, the live performance video features clips and soundbites from the movie, and some of it is pretty gruesome, thanks to special effects gurus Robert Kurtzman and Steve Johnson.

Order Fear Clinic on DVD. Also, the digital single “The Dark” is available on iTunes.

Rock Hard \m/

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