Watch The Seclusion Trailer – We Got A New Kind Of Cabin Killer On The Loose

If you’re already thinking Cabin Fever (or any other horror movie that features a cabin), good! That’s branding. And now, going forward, you can think the same thing when you hear the word “seclusion.” You can thank the upcoming movie, Seclusion, for the association. This genre of horror is almost always fun and entertaining, and we’re very much looking forward to seeing Seclusion.

Seclusion seems to be completely off the grid from a typical cabin horror movie, but that might be its charm. Something feels completely odd about the movie, and I can’t quite grasp what it is yet. Perhaps it looks too polished, or maybe the characters give me a weird feeling. I’ll honestly say that I’m a little puzzled with what I’m seeing in the trailer. However, I’m also really digging it so far. Hopefully the movie lands on Netflix in the very near future.

Seclusion was directed by Joe Bandelli, and stars Matthew Wise, Clea Alsip, Duane Cooper, and Nicole Pacent. Watch for it later this year.

About Seclusion (2015)

A group of friends travel to a remote location for an intimate wedding. Unfortunately for them, the romantic getaway turns into a nightmare, as one by one the wedding party is stalked and killed. Leaving those alive to wonder who is after them, and who will be next.

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