Turbo Kid To Premiere Next Year At The Sundance

Turbo Kid

If you aren’t following the RKSS Facebook fan page, then you might have missed yesterday’s news about their first feature length film, Turbo Kid. A post-apocalyptic splatter comedy with a romantic twist set in a wasteland run by a sadistic leader, Zeus (Michael Ironside). It’s up to The Kid (Munro Chambers) to stop his madness and rescue a mysterious girl he encounters in his epic journey named Apple (Laurence Leboeuf).

Will he be able to overcome his fears and become the hero in the wasteland?

One way to find out if The Kid has what it takes to be a superhero is to catch the world premiere of Turbo Kid at next year’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, during the midnight run of horror and comedy films. There’s no exact word yet on when Turbo Kid will begin screening, but you can be sure it will play sometime between January 22 and February 1, in 2015.

As soon we know the exact date and time, we’ll be sure to update you guys on Yell! Magazine. In the meantime, enjoy this exclusive photo from Turbo Kid, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

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