Pound Of Flesh, Ft. Ex-Ministry’s Darrell James, Release Pills

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Alt-electronic hard rock group Pound of Flesh are pleased to announce the release of their latest album Pills, via WuLi Records. Mixing an intense and raw electronic sound with heavy, clean production, Pills is both a great follow-up to 2012’s singular counterpart, Pill, as well as a perfect introduction to POF’s sound for new fans. This is the band’s first release via WuLi Records and INgrooves Music Group, and can be ordered on MP3. Alternately, you can check out a stream of the album at ReverbNation.

Recorded at Paragon and Drakeraven studios, the album was produced by POF vocalist and lead programmer Darrell James (formerly of Ministry and Revolting Cocks) and keyboardist Steven McIntosh, and was mastered by Doug McBride at Gravity Studios in Chicago.

Darrell James states:

I’m very proud of Pills, and it’s the first POF album recorded with a full band. We’ve been working together for over two years with almost the same lineup and I couldn’t have asked for better people and such great musicians to work with. This is what prompted a new set of recordings that appears on Pills—the difference between what was originally written and performed by me and the energy, depth, and drive of the band.

POF has always taken an in-your-face approach, but with a sense of humor to the music, and Pills is no exception. There have always been aspects of POF that are industrial, but we’ve avoided being pinned into that category. The tracks on Pills have a broad range of influences with a lot of driving beats and dance aspects that allow us to bring energy to the tracks in our own way without losing the melodic elements.

The response to the new material has been great, and we’re ready to play shows in support of it throughout 2015. We have several music videos that are in various stages of planning that we will start shooting soon, and as always, we are writing and working on new material.

About Pound of Flesh:

Pound of Flesh was formed in the late ’90s, and released their first full-length record in 2000, entitled Red & Black. The album received critical acclaim and support from over 250 radio stations nationwide.

While touring regionally in support of Red & Black, frontman Darrell James was introduced to the legendary Al Jourgenson of Ministry. James was invited by Jourgenson to play keyboards during Ministry’s 2003 Fornicatour. Darrell agreed, and was subsequently asked to stay on for their 2004 Evil Doer tour. Additionally, Darrell’s keyboard and programming work can be heard on Ministry’s Rantology and Rio Grande Blood as well as the Revolting Cocks’ Cocked and Loaded.

In 2008, Darrell started collaborating with keyboardist Steven McIntosh on new material. After perfecting their sound and recruiting the rest of the current incarnation of the band, POF released their aforementioned 2012 album Pill. This marked the launch of what now exists as Pound of Flesh.

Catch Pound of Flesh at the Copernicus Center in Chicago, Illinois, on January 11, 2015. For more info, visit www.copernicuscenter.org.

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