Baring Teeth – Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins (2014) Review



Artist Baring Teeth Album Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins Year Released: 25 November 2014
Label Willowtip Genre Death Metal | Progressive

For whatever reason, the only scene I can think of to begin this review is from the movie Predator. Being stranded in a jungle with only your primal instincts and the fear of being hunted with no idea what lurks waiting for you in any direction might be a great image to describe being panicked. That is one way to describe the new Baring Teeth album, Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins. Imagine trying to predict what the bounty hunter alien is going to do next when you have no idea where it even is.

Baring-Teeth-Ghost-Chorus-Among-Old-Ruins album cover

This album is packed with 37 minutes of chaotically paced music. The drums are snapping and turning songs over on their heads in order to bring about a new part as immensely frightening as the next. The guitar overtones are just as sporadic. Listen to the song “Mountain” and the guitars are picking notes up all over the fret board. On “Terra Nullius” there are swells for about two minutes before an eerie melody is played, building a haunting atmosphere for the band to unleash a sporadic lead by the bass guitar.

The band has a sense of direction, as shown on the album’s title track. More straightforward in approach, the song plays out like a heavy death metal track. The only thing that seems to hold this band back in comparison to other bands of this technical death metal is the production. It makes less of an impact on the listener than Gorguts because it sounds thin. Baring Teeth could be doing it on purpose, but with more depth they could fill out the empty space with more booming guitars. The drums are on point, the vocals do their job, but I’m left wonder how this album would sound if deeper thought was given to the mix.

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The Verdict:

Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins is a surprising listen. The direction Baring Teeth takes their songs is all over the place. Their mastery of the technicalities keeps this album interesting. Next time you're watching Predator and the hunter is sneaking up on the unknowing humans, give this album a spin.

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