Michael Dougherty Takes On Christmas Horror With Krampus



It seems that Kevin Smith isn’t the only one taking on the Krampus legend; Trick ‘r Treat director, Michael Dougherty, is returning to the horror genre with a film called Krampus.

So far, Krampus is in pre-production and according to The Hollywood Reporter casting has begun, and Allison Tolman and Emjay Anthony are set to star. The two will play mother and son and will have to defend themselves from a Krampus attack. If you need a reminder, Krampus is Santa’s evil companion who captures and punishes naughty children by carrying them back to his lair, or to hell, in a sack or washtub.

Allison Tolman is known from FX’ Fargo television series and Emjay Anthony was recently seen in Chef, from director Jon Favreau.

If you’re wondering about Kevin Smith take on the European Alpine legend, last we heard his film is to be an anthology horror and called Comes the Krampus.

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