Just Cause 3 Will Be Giganteus, New Details About The Game Has Arrived

Just Cause 3

Earlier this week, Swedish developer Avalanche Studios announced that the third installment in the Just Cause franchise is in development, which will be a direct sequel to the commercially successful 2010 game.

Two days after the announcement, new details about Just Cause 3 have emerged in regard to the game’s story and size of the open world. According to Game Informer, the events in Just Cause 3 will take place “several years” after Just Cause 2 with the main character returning. However, Rico has aged significantly since we last him in the previous sequel. Apparently, Rico will be rigged with a new grappling hook and a new wing suit, which allows him to glide at remarkable speeds in the sky. Besides those two gadgets, expect Rico to have a number of other new items, including new abilities.

As far as the setting goes, players will be able to explore up to 400 square miles in the fictional Mediterranean archipelago of Medici where you’ll encounter enemy bases, propaganda billboards, and loudspeakers that must be destroyed in order to control the area.

Lastly, Rico will face General Di Ravello and his righteous regime. Just Cause 3 hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2015.

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