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Imagine for a second what today’s music scene would be like if Eyehategod had catapulted to the top in the early ‘90s instead of Nirvana. Both were fresh, young bands, doing something very different from the mainstream. I make the comparison because Eyehategod was just as alternative at the time as Nirvana was. Also, Nirvana is used as the example because they are the go-to band when discussing the advent of alternative/grunge music in the ‘90s. Although grunge gave us more melodies with the fuzz guitars and pounding rhythm section, the angst-ridden, doom-laden sludge from Eyehategod gave us more noise, more fretboard prowess, and more anger using the same sort of tones.

Formed in 1988 by guitarist Jimmy Bower and late drummer Joey LaCaze, Eyehategod were instrumental in developing the NOLA metal scene, which drew heavily from influences like Melvins, Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, and Black Flag, among others. Other bands representing the NOLA scene, and often having shared band members, include: Exhorder, Corrosion of Conformity, Down, Crowbar, Acid Bath, Soilent Green, Goatwhore, and more.

Eyehategod has had an up-and-down career troubled with internal conflict and drug abuse, resulting in sporadic releases and an extended unofficial hiatus. However, during their time off, several 7” and splits were released. Although the band reconvened in 2000, quickly releasing a couple of comp albums [10 Years of Abuse (and Still Broke), Preaching the “End-Time” Message], members were still busy with obligations to other bands and it took them until 2014 to release a proper LP with new material.

In the player above you’ll find a 1993 Eyehategod performance that took place in Raleigh, North Carolina. The show took place in August, which predates the release of second studio album, Take as Needed for Pain. There are plenty of more recent Eyehategod concerts circulating on the internet, all of them excellent, and although this one is rough in terms of audio and video, it demonstrates a band at the cusp of greatness.

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