Ancient VVisdom Do “The Devil’s Work” [VIDEO]

Well, it looks like Satanism and heavy metal is a real thing, outside of Norwegian black metal, that is.

Ancient VVisdom’s latest offering, Sacrificial, hit stores on October 28th, and today the band revealed its latest sacrifice from the album, the video for “The Devil’s Work.” Turns out Satanic music sounds a lot more like Ghost BC, or Depeche Mode with guitars instead of synth, than it does Motley Crue or Ozzy. Yes, we all know that those artists aren’t Satanic, but they were targeted as such in the ‘80s, which is why they’re being used as examples here. However, those bands were faultily accused of Satanism because of the occult imagery, and sometimes lyrics, associated with them. That was real.

And we also know that Ancient VVisdom’s Satanism is real because founding vocalist Nathan Opposition is publicly open about his religion.

At any rate, “The Devil’s Work” is very catchy and soothing, and actually pretty cerebral if you pay attention and read between the lines. Coming off of Ancient VVisdom’s third album, we can only say if that if the band continues on this trajectory, they could become one of the must-reference bands of the early 21st century.

If you’re interested, Noisey Vice posted a 30-minute video interview between Nathan Opposition and friend/Satanist Eric Freeman alongside the “The Devil’s Work” premiere. Freeman is Cleveland’s leading practitioner of Satanism. We’ve included it here for you, and it’s quite interesting:

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