New Pics: Friday The 13th Part III’s Alternate Ending Was Much More Gruesome

Friday the 13th Part 3 Alternate ending

After putting an end to Jason’s madness by hanging and with an ax to the head in Friday the 13th Part III, lone survivor Chris Higgins thought her nightmare with the machete killing machine in the woods was over. But was it really?

In the original ending of Part III, Chris wakes up on a canoe with Jason Voorhees returning one last time with his face covered in blood, and his psycho mother presumably drowning her in Crystal Lake. However, new photos, courtesy of reveal an alternate ending that doesn’t bode so well for Chris and is much more gruesome than the one in the final cut of Part III. According to these rare photos, Chris’ fate could have been much more memorable, in my opinion.

In the alternate version, Chris canoes back to shore. She hears noise from the house, thinking its Rick. Once Chris arrives on the porch of the house, Jason bursts through the door and grabs her by the hair and decapitates her head with a razor-sharp machete. An excellent ending to a sequel in the F13 franchise that I already think is one of the best.

How do you feel about this ending?

Alternate Ending Photos Of Friday The 13th Part III






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