Don’t Listen To Abysmal Dawn’s Latest, “Inanimate” [VIDEO]

Abysmal Dawn has just released the video to their latest single, “Inanimate,” a track we’ve previously brought to you. And the only reason that you shouldn’t listen to the track, or watch its accompanying video, is because you might not listen to anything else all day. Everything about the track from the band’s latest effort, Obsolescence, is brilliant, from the thrash metal opening riff to the heavy groove to the controlled, almost restrained, death growls to the intricacies on the drums and finally to the frantic riffage toward the end of the track.

Frontman Charles Elliot explained the meaning behind “Ianimate”:

Lyrically this one is about losing your idealism and becoming a cold, unfeeling shell of a human being, in order to survive our modern society. An inanimate object if you will; one without hope that has cut themselves off from emotion. Our experiences in this life can carve us into stone, but they can also desensitize us in the process. In short, this might be the most depressing song you ever wanted to circle pit too.

Obsolescence was released on October 27th, and can be ordered on CD or MP3

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