New Music: Ancient VVisdom’s “City Of Stone” Is Just… Epic

ancient vvisdom - city of stone

I hate using the word “epic,” but in the case of Ancient VVisdom’s latest offering from their forthcoming album, Sacrificial, it’s absolutely appropriate. It’s doubly true when you consider the rather spiritual inspiration for “City of Stone” (streaming now at; vocalist Nathan Opposition explains:

I’m a huge fan of classic metal, Dio, Judas Priest, Merciful Fate, so for this song I wanted to pay tribute to that sound, Ancient VVisdom style. It has that pace that is easy to bang your head to and a ripping guitar lead during the bridge. The lyrics were inspired by a trip I took with Dwid Hellion [Integrity] to Toward Castle in Scotland, I believe. We were looking for the castle because it linked back to his family lineage. When we discovered the castle ruins, it was breathtaking. I felt the presence of the ancient grounds we were walking on. It inspired me to write this song. Places like that have power and hold energy, I believe. Do not fear mortality.

There’s a definite doom metal vibe here, with riffs not far removed from Black Sabbath, yet the vocals are not entirely dissimilar to Ghost’s. It’s slow and heavy, and would be depressing if not for the hopefulness in the vocal tone and melody. Such a contrast makes for an excellent track that demands repeat listens.

Ancient VVisdom released Sacrificial on October 21st, via Magic Bullet. You can order the MP3 right now, or wait until October 28th, when the vinyl gets released. Order the vinyl at:

If you want to hear more, visit for the track “Chaos Will Reign.”

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