Led Zeppelin Loses Movement To Have Plagiarism Case Dismissed

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Last May 31st, a lawsuit was filed against Led Zeppelin claiming that their legendary song “Stairway to Heaven” was a rip-off, in part, of Spirit’s song “Taurus” composed by Randy California. The suit was filed by Randy’s surviving heirs in Pennsylvania.

Fast forward to now, and Zeppelin has lost the first battle in the case. In an effort to have the case dismissed, the surviving members of Led Zeppelin made the claim that they are all British and have no ties to Pennsylvania. The judge didn’t see it that way; as The Hollywood Reporter states, “U.S. District Court Judge Juan Sánchez has now denied the motion to dismiss or transfer without prejudice.”

Although the judge didn’t give a specific reason for denying the motion, I can think of one: the song is an international hit and knows no borders.

Here have a listen to the two songs:

“Stairway to Heaven”




What do you think: is it a rip-off? Did the judge make the right decision? Should Randy’s family be pursuing this?

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