NOLA: Life, Death And Heavy Blues From The Bayou (Episode 6) [VIDEO]

Here we are with the penultimate episode of Noisey Vice‘s NOLA: Life, Death & Heavy Blues from the Bayou. As fantastic as this journey into the heavy metal scene of New Orleans has been, the next episode will be the last, and it’s sad; this shit should go on and on.

As with Episode 5, this episode features Pepper Keenan, only this time the focus is on Down, from the supergroup’s formation to its near fall to its comeback after Hurricane Katrina. In the devestating storm’s wake, the members of Down found clear heads on their first tour in Europe and a new surge of inspiration for a new record, a record that dealt with drug addiction, the loss of Dimebag, Pantera’s passing, and post-Katrina life in general. Take special note of Keenan’s impression of Cowboys from Hell; it’s pretty righteous.

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