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Comprised of former Cradle of Filth guitarist/songwriter, Paul Allender, and former Coal Chamber bassist, Chela Harper, White Empress is poised to embark on vicious run as a solid extreme heavy metal band with the release of their debut album, Rise of the Empress, on September 30th (Peaceville Records). [Note: The September 30th release date is according to the press release, everywhere else I look says it’s out today, September 29th.] If you can’t wait till tomorrow to blow out your ear holes with the heavy hymns from Minneapolis, Minnesota, you can stream the album in its entirety over at Revolver.

After taking a listen, I think you’ll agree that White Empress, although similar, is slightly more palatable for the masses than is Cradle of Filth. Also, there’s no doubt you’ll get as excited as an 18-year-old virgin in a whore house when you hear some of the incredible riffs. White Empress is definitely a theatrical band with elements of both Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, and the diversity of Mary Zimmer’s vocals, ranging from black metal death growls to near operatic, is outstanding.

white empress band photo 2014

Allender talked to Revolver about the band and the new album:

Rise of the Empress is what metal has been so desperately wanting for such a long time. Something to wake it up from the mundane normal safe scene we are all in now. It’s heavy as hell, rocks like fuck, and it grooves along like a possessed freight train….. Hail the White Empress!

Watch the official video for White Empress’ “Darkness Encroaching”:

Pre-order Rise of the Empress on CD or MP3.

Rock Hard \m/

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