NOLA: Life, Death And Heavy Blues From The Bayou (Episode 2) [VIDEO]

Last week we brought you Episode 1 of Noisey Vice’s 7-part documentary NOLA: Life, Death and Heavy Blues from the Bayou, and now we’re sharing Episode 2. Clearly the title provides you with the information to know what this doc is about, which is the heavy, doom-laden music coming out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

After watching Episode 1 I wasn’t sure where this doc was going, since so much time was spent on Pantera and what influenced them and Phil Anselmo, more specifically. By the end, there wasn’t much left to tell. Now, having watched Episode 2, which focussed on Eyehategod, it’s probably a safe bet to assume that each subsequent episode will focus on an individual NOLA band.

Episode 2 features is largely comprised of interviews with Eyehatgod frontman Mike Williams. In his segments he discusses the creation of a band “that’s like Sabbath, but is a punk band,” Hurricane Katrina and it’s toll, drug addiction, and the loss of drummer Joey LaCaze.


Enjoy the episode, and check back with Yell! Magazine for Episode 3.

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