Gilgamesh Officially Drops Its Full Trailer!

We’ve given you Gilgamesh’s teaser trailer and an interview with Richard Chandler (writer, director, and star of the film), and today we’re very pleased to give you the official full trailer. Chandler has also given us the news that *Gilgamesh will have its premiere on November 20th, in the Boston area.

In case you’ve forgotten…

Gilgamesh Synopsis:

An expedition in Siberia goes terribly wrong, as a couple of archaeologists accidentally freed the Sumerian goddess of lust and war, Inanna, from her ancient prison. While Inanna plots to destroy Earth using a giant meteor to collide into the planet, the American president hopes to utilize Inanna as a weapon of mass destruction. However, a violent communist takeover of the U.S. government complicates the government’s goal to exploit Inanna. As chaos ensues, the ancient god Gilgamesh ponders whether or not he will act as mankind’s last best hope to save humanity from its rendezvous with annihilation.

Rock Hard \m/

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