New Music: Viathyn Draws Inspiration From Stephen King

viathyn - cynosure album cover

How can anyone resist a song that’s inspired by one of the characters created by one of horror’s masters? Calgary, Canada’s power metal quartet Viathyn have drawn inspiration from Stephen King’s Randall Flagg for their song “Ageless Stranger.” This is the first single from the band’s upcoming album, Cynosure (due out October 7th).

Guitarist Jacob Wright comments on the song:

We chose ‘Ageless Stranger’ to be the opening track on our new album Cynosure because it is high-energy and hard- hitting. With a big chorus, relentless rhythms, and some fun shredding, we feel it is the appropriate introduction to the remaining hour of diverse musical moments you will hear on Cynosure. The lyrics are inspired by the malevolent Stephen King character Randall Flagg, who has appeared in multiple works by King such as The Stand, The Eyes of the Dragon, and The Dark Tower.

Rock Hard \m/

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