Fantasia 2014: Time Lapse, A Back-In-Time Interview With Bradley King & B.P. Cooper

Probably one of the more memorable films I saw at Fantasia 2014 was Time Lapse, written by Bradley King and B.P. Cooper (directed by King, produced by Cooper). Not because it had phenomenal special effects, not because it was hilarious, not because it had an all-star cast, not because it was a genre riot. It was none of those things. It was memorable because it was a character study in a “what if” situation we’ve all dreamed about: being able to see into the future and increasing our wealth. It was simple and clean.

While there, we had the pleasure of talking to King and Cooper about their film, about their budget, and about casting Danielle Panabaker. As well, we tapped into their childhood memories about the films they couldn’t get enough of as kids.

Note that, since my review I’ve decided that Time Lapse is essentially Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Not literally, but there are overriding similarities. Specifically, in actor Matt O’Leary’s Finn, which is damn near a carbon copy of Alan Ruck’s Cameron Frye, down to the mannerisms and suspenders.

Enjoy the interview in the player above… and see this damn movie.

Rock Hard \m/

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