Isolated Vocals: Pantera “Walk”

phil anselmo

A video surfaced last month featuring Phil Anselmo’s isolated vocal track for Pantera’s massively successful hit, “Walk,” and it’s pretty badass. I love these types of things, hearing isolated tracks. I’ve done it with a bunch of songs from Megadeth, Metallica, Van Halen, and many others, but I don’t recall ever hearing isolated vocal tracks, and I’ve never heard isolated tracks from Pantera.

Check out the “Walk” vocal track in the player above.

Even if this vocal track has been touched up in the studio, I think it’s pretty apparent why Phil is a heavy metal god. You just can’t touch that kind of badassery, especially back in the early ‘90s.

Incidentally, Youtube, in its genius assumption that I’d be interested, suggested the Rex Brown bass isolation for “Walk” as well. Have a listen, then try to sync them up. Good luck!

Oh, hell! Check out the drum and guitar tracks for “Walk” as well.

Now sync it all up, for Christ’s sake.

Rock Hard \m/

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