Suburban Gothic (2014): A Possessed Interview With Writer/Director Richard Bates Jr. [VIDEO]

Last time we spoke with Richard Bates he was with the stunning AnnaLynne McCord promoting Excision. This time around Bates had a completely different movie on the table, but still within the bounds of genre film.

The film is Suburban Gothic, the star is Matthew Gray Gubler, and the sub-genre is a light horror/comedy versus the “aggressive, fuck you of a movie” that Excision was.

Come watch our interview with Bates and find out how he came back from a dark place after Excision to create a fun, lighthearted paranormal horror/comedy. It’s honestly a path we’ve all been on and can fully appreciate. If you saw Suburban Gothic, then you know there is a shit ton of racist remarks about Mexicans, and maybe you’d like to know why those are in the movie beyond developing Ray Wise’s character. Well, Bates explains it.

It’s clear that Bates is a relaxed guy, and if you could have been a fly on the wall before and after the interview, you’d have been witness to a lengthy and enlightening conversation between us all. It’s our opinion that Bates is a director to keep an eye on. He’s shown us two extremes that he’s able to take the horror genre in, he’s shown us a dark sense of humor, and he knows how to make it relatable to the audience no matter how unlikely the situation is. The look and tone of his films is wickedly awesome as well.

And that’s enough verbal masturbation on my part. Get yourself into the interview, then go out and watch a Richard Bates Jr. flick.

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