The Ring 3 Has A Director, But What About Naomi Watts?

The Ring 3

The Ring 3

It’s already been over a good solid decade since the first American version of Ringu hit the big screen, which paved the door to a sequel in 2005. The success of The Ring was even enough to convince American production companies to remake several other Japanese horrors like The Grudge and Dark Water. The Ring franchise deserves credit for pulling that off and it wouldn’t hurt us if a third installment came along in the very near future.

Although, The Ring Two received generally negative reviews mainly because the movie over played horror clichés and had a dull screenplay full of stupidities, it hasn’t stopped Paramount Pictures from developing The Ring 3. The film studio is eager to bring the long-haired ghost girl back to life, and even recently approved F. Javier Gutiérrez (Before the Fall) to direct the third entry.

However, there’s still a big unanswered question. Will Naomi Watts take a third crack in the franchise? From what we know, Watts isn’t attached yet to Rachel and The Ring 3 can completely follow a new family. But we can at least tell you that Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald are producing again, which means Watts can return in some shape or form.

We’ll keep you informed once we hear more about The Ring 3, so stay tune on Yell! Magazine.

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