UPDATE: Friday the 13th Sequel Still Not Set In Stone Yet For 3-D or Found Footage

Friday the 13th Sequel

Back in April, we reported that the Friday the 13th sequel had V/H/S director David Bruckner (The Signal) attached as the director, but it now appears like his role in the project is still being questioned at this time.

Another aspect of the sequel that was previously talked about was whether it will be shot in 3-D or in the found footage format. We can now tell you that both aren’t set in stone until Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller and company are first happy with the story.

Fuller said:

I can’t make any determination about found footage or 3D until we have a story that we all agree on and that we all like. The story is the most important thing, and the way you tell the story, to me, is secondary, we have some writers writing, but, because we don’t have a script that everyone has signed off on, I can’t speak to how the story is meant to be told. All of those things have been considered, but no decisions have been made. We don’t know what story is being told.

It’s kind of a bummer to hear that the producers still haven’t figured this part out yet because by now we were hoping to hear news about a possible cast. At least, the release date hasn’t changed and is still slated for November 13, 2015.

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