Dragonforce Harkens Back To Ye Ol’ Days On “Defenders”



Another day, another Dragonforce slayer. Yes, the promo machine is greased and rolling leading up to the release of Dragonforce’s next album, Maximum Overload,” due out August 19th. And the latest cog to jump off the barreling, steam-powered monstrosity is “Defenders.”

Stream “Defenders” over at Loudwire.

“Defenders” is definitely sonic in terms of its musicianship, and it’s hard to mistake the Dragonforce sound, but there’s a huge Helloween element in the song too, if you ask me (and I know you didn’t). Guitarist Herman Li talked about the song in a bit more detail with Loudwire:

The idea for this song was to create a contrast, by fusing some thrash metal style riffs with DragonForce’s big epic choruses and high speed twin guitars solos. Our friend Matt Heafy from Trivium helped us out with some aggressive backing vocals in the pre choruses. In terms of lyrics, here we went for our classic fantasy approach similar to our first album. This song sounds huge live, we can’t wait to play this on our upcoming world tour!

That’s right! This is one of those long-talked-about tracks that features Trivium’s Matt Heafy. If you ask me, you can barely tell he’s there, if at all.

Also, “Defenders” is a pretty boring track. It’s repetitive, has the one-volume-wall-of-sound thing going on, and there’s no highs or lows (crescendos or decrescendos). Musically it’s masterful, but that’s where interest wanes for me.

If you’re still interested, because what I say basically means shit if you’re a fan, you can pre-order Maximum Overload at Metal Blade.

Rock Hard \m/

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