Original Alien Cast Reunited For Crew Expendable DLC [TRAILER]

We all know how things went down with the last game in the Alien game franchise, Alien: Colonial Wars. However, the new Crew Expendable DLC from SEGA sounds incredibly promising, if reuniting the original cast sounds great to you — it does to us.

So this reunion means Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, Tom Skerritt as Dallas, Harry Dean Stanton as Brett, Veronica Cartwright as Lambert, and Yaphet Kotto as Parker. Unfortunately, the actor who played Ash won’t be reprising his role, but the character will still play a role in the Crew Expendable.

In this first DLC for Alien: Isolation, you’ll be back on the ill-fated Nostromo playing one of three different characters to choose from. Which character you choose will affect the tools at your disposal and the scenes you get to see.

The way to get this DLC is to pre-order the game, Alien: Isolation. There’s also another DLC on the way, Last Survivor, and the only way to get this one for free is to pre-order the game through an as yet unnamed retailer.

Given the results seen in Colonial Wars, will you pre-order Isolation for the Crew Expendable DLC?

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Source: IGN

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