Metallica’s James Hetfield Criticizes KISS’ And Scorpions “Farewell” Tours

James Hetfield on farewell tours

James Hetfield on farewell tours

As it’s been said, it’s tough to retire from a career. And it makes sense. So much of our identity and self-worth is derived from what we do that it can be crushing once it all goes away, especially if we don’t have another outlet to express ourselves. Now imagine being a star, whether it’s a sports star, movie star, or rock star, with adoring fans that praise the very earth you walk upon and give you a rush unlike any drug can provide. How difficult would it be to walk away from a career then?

In that respect, doesn’t it make sense that bands like KISS and Scorpions have been on multiple “farewell” tours? And then when your shows sell out like mad (because fans think it’s their last chance to see you), doesn’t it make sense to think that you’re still relevant, or, at the very least, appreciated? Don’t forget the coin you’ll make on a farewell tour and how alluring that can make a comeback farewell tour all the more possible.

Apparently the topic of retirement has been coming up in interviews with the members of Metallica, and James Hetfield has come out and said that he’s not a fan of the “farewell” tour. He especially disaproves when bands change their mind:

I don’t think that’s fair to anyone. KISS‘ farewell tour for the 10th time? Scorpions
were done and then they tour? You can’t say that and then not do it. I don’t know what’s in store for us. I don’t want to go on the history of how other bands have done it. We’re unique in our own path and unique in how our path ends.

I think Hetfield is right; it sucks when bands announce their farewell with a tour and then turn around and don’t actually bid farewell. It feels like cheating and lying. Worse, it feels like these heroes are trying to cash in…

But, I get it. These guys have been idolized, adored, have had money thrown at them, and have lived exhilerating lives. Why on earth would they ever want to say goodbye to that? If you still felt “needed” during or after your farewell tour, would you not try to stay in the game?

What do you think of the “farewell” tour? What do you think of multiple farewell tours? Is it fair to fans? Voice your opinion in the comments section below.

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