Warped Tour Says “No Moshing/Crowd Surfing”

warped tour no moshing no crowd surfing

That’s right, folks, the perennial music festival is attempting to stop thousands of punk kids from moshing and crowd surfing. Warped Tour has asked bands to not ask for a pit and has posted banners at each stage, like the one above. Since warped only started to ask fans to behave a certain way last year, I’m guessing that the Randy Blythe blemish in the Czech Republic is the root of this evil.

It’s clear from the banners that organizers are concerned about being sued (to hell with the kids’ safety, we want our money), so it’s likely that this is just a precautionary/protection thing. I always thought there was an injury disclaimer on the back of tickets to provide legal protection. If I’m right, it seems to me that the fine print should be sufficient. Guess not.

How plausible is it that a music fest that attracts this type crowd could stop moshing and crowd surfing? Not bloody likely.

Early reports, however, indicate that this tactic isn’t working and fans are still behaving like fans.

Do you think promoters have the right to ask fans to not mosh or crowd surf?

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