DragonForce Hit Home With “The Game” [VIDEO]

DragonForce dropped their impressive new video for “The Game” earlier today. Directed by XX, the video and the song tell the story of a man who works hard at his job for his family, but it unfortunately causes stress at home between he and his wife. The rift between the husband and wife drives the man deeper into work, resulting in his spending less and less time with his family and only observing them from the outside looking in. It’s his son who pulls him back from work and into the family again. At least that’s my melodramatic interpretation of it all.

Musically, the song is a ripper, and while the guitar solos are flashy, they blend in nicely with the song. The drums, well, they left something to be desired. But the vocals were great, reaching a near Sebastian Bach level.

“The Game” comes off DragonForce’s upcoming album, Maximum Overload, produced by Jens Bogren at Fascination Studios in Örebro and Varberg, Sweden. This is the first time DragonForce has brought in an outside producer and it’s their first album for their new label, Ear Music.

On working with Jens, Herman Li has said:

Working with Jens gave us a different perspective on the songs and a different sound dynamic. We always previously recorded in our own studios but recording in Sweden made us focus and maybe drove us harder, Jens certainly did, he doesn’t believe in days off!

Maximum Overload also features Trivium’s Matt Heafy as a guest vocalist. The album also includes DragonForce’s first ever cover song, which is Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” which has been “DRAGONFORCE-ized,” according to guitarist Sam Totman.

Look for Maximum Overload’s release on August 18th, in the UK, and August 19th, in North America. You can pre-order the album at: www.metalblade.com

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