Finntroll Drop “Trollhammaren” With New Album [VIDEO]

Just a couple of days ago we brought you news of the new Finntroll album, Natten Med De Leavande Finntroll, which is a significant release because it’s the band’s first live album since forming in 1997. The album is out and available for purchase now, and no doubt some of you are gathering in parks wearing codpieces and tunics as you blast your way back to Olden Days — or at least to The Seven Kingdoms.

Yeah, so our last post led you to the track “Ursvamp.” Today, in conjunction with the album’s release, Finntroll has unleashed a live video of the song “Trollhammaren.” The track is a rocker and a party anthem of sorts (that hook and melody, man, just try to escape it). There’s a reason “Trollhammaren” was the band’s first major single.

Catch the madness in the video player above. Then head to Amazon to buy em>Natten Med De Leavande Finntroll: MP3 – $10.49 or CD – $34.78

Let us know what you think of this rockin’ folk barn-stomper in the comments section below.

Rock Hard \m/

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